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Consumer Lending and Mortgages

Arthur Letendre, Senior Vice President, Consumer Loan Officer, NMLS# 523410
Mark Chalifour, Vice President/Residential Mortgage Sales
Matt Thomas, Mortgage Specialist, NMLS# 523419
Peter Thompson, Mortgage Specialist, NMLS# 525564
Mary Tillotson, Mortgage Specialist, NMLS# 523420

Commercial Services

Ed Caron, Executive Vice President, Senior Commercial Loan Officer, NMLS# 798731
Thomas Dustin, Vice President, Commercial Development Officer
Randy Guay, Vice President, Commercial Loan Officer
Beth Hurd, Vice President, Credit Administration
James M. Gallagher III, Senior Vice President, Commercial Loan Officer
Kyle Schneck, Vice President, Commercial Loan Officer
Sean T. Skabo, AVP, Cash Management and Business Lending, NMLS# 523417
Mike Vlahos, Vice President, Small Business Lending, NMLS# 798757
Claudia B. Walker, Senior Vice President, Construction Loan Officer, NMLS# 523421

Retail Banking

Linda Lorden, Senior Vice President, Sr. Sales and Service Manager
Mary Lynne Rahlson, Vice President, Branch Administration and Retail Services

Banking Offices

503 South Street, Stephanie Andruss, AVP, Branch Manager, NMLS# 523423

89 N. Main Street, Main Office, Brad Kulacz, AVP, Branch Manager, NMLS# 1036396
190 N. Main Street, The Business Center, Rose Richardson, Branch Manager, NMLS# 523415
1 Integra Drive, Donna Baron, Branch Manager, NMLS# 523391
167 N. State Street, Carla Nielsen, Branch Manager, NMLS# 523424

35 Kearsarge Avenue, Brad Kulacz, AVP, Branch Manager, NMLS# 1036396

I-93 North Welcome Center, 530 West River Road, Stephanie Andruss, AVP, Branch Manager, NMLS# 523423

101 Broad Street, Deborah Stoodley, Branch Manager, NMLS# 787509


Angela Strozewski, Senior Vice President, Operations Officer
Nancy Swenson, Vice President, Operations

Accounting and Finance

Nicole LaPorte, Vice President and Controller


Philip Emma, President
*Jason C. Hicks, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
*Cindy Hemeon-Plessner, Senior Vice President, Marketing Officer
Kim McDonald, PHR, Vice President, Human Resources Officer

* Non-encrypted email links.

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